• Suntech Power:

    As one of the world’s leading manufacturers of solar modules, Suntech Power (STP) focuses on the production of high-quality modules. Suntech products are characterized not only by high-tech standards and excellent reliability, but also by competitive prices.

    Suntech Power
    A quality brand from China
    Suntech modules are installed around the globe on residential and commercial buildings, power stations and public buildings. The best known construction equipped with Suntech solar modules is Beijing’s "Bird’s Nest" Olympic stadium.

    Why Suntech solar modules are right for you.

  • Suntech solar cells offer a high conversion efficiency of up to 16.5% for mono-crystalline and 15.5% for poly-crystalline cells.
  • Suntech’s high-performance modules have a very low measurement tolerance of +/- 3%.
  • The products are subject to strict quality controls and a worldwide certification program.
  • Suntech products come with a 25 year warranty.
  • Suntech’s extensive R&D program ensures that the products are always at the leading edge of solar technology. The Suntech team is committed to improving the efficiency of Suntech solar solutions.
  • Suntech solar design solutions redefine architectural styles around the world (Black label modules).

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