Below is a list of frequently asked questions

What can affect the amount of solar energy received?


The strength of the solar energy (radiation) available depends on the time of year, the time of day, and the latitude of the generation point. The amount of energy generated can be further affected by the amount of dust and water vapour in the air, the amount of cloud cover and any shading of the solar panels. You can learn more about solar radiation levels for your area in our solar power system builder.


Does roof orientation really matter?


Most certainly. The preferred orientation for a PV system in the UK is South.


How much does a grid connect solar power setup cost?


Prices vary according to size and location


What is a feed in tariff and how much will I get paid?


A feed in tariff is whereby a grid connect system owner is paid for the electricity their system generates by a utility or government agency.

What type of warranty is supplied with the system?


  • Solar Panels: 20 - 25-year warranty to produce 80% of rated output (manufacturer)
  • Inverter: 5-year warranty. Can be extended to 10 years for an additional charge (manufacturer)
  • Mounting System: 10-year product warranty (manufacturer)
  • Workmanship: 12-month warranty on workmanship (installer)


Should I choose monocrystalline, thin film or polycrystalline solar panels?


Between monocrystalline and polycrystalline there isn't a lot of difference except that a polycrystalline panel is slightly larger than the equivalent wattage in monocrystalline.